Deficiency -Vitamin D


Vitamin-D deficiency can lead to many heart problem. As per the recent report, Vitamin-D deficiency leads to hypertension, diabetes, and heart-related diseases. More the deficiency will be, more the intensity of such diseases will grow.
Reason: More Stress, Long sitting during office hours, dependency on the vehicle instead of walk, technology dependency are major reasons.

How to check:

You can check this by a level of 25-HydroxyVitamin-D. Experts have the following scaling:

  • Less than 25 NanoGram/MilliLitre indicates a deficiency in Vitamin D.
  • 26-74 NanoGram /MilliLitre indicates an unsatisfied condition.
  • 75-250 NanoGram /Millilitre indicates satisfied condition.

What to do:

Our body must take 95% Vitamin D on a daily basis. Intake of sunlight, including mushrooms, almonds, tofu, milk, and curd helps us to do so. We should not apply sunscreen when we are purposely intaking sunlight.


Kidney and Liver patients, women who breastfeed are majorly affected by deficiency of Vitamin D. So it is always advisable for regular checkups.


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