Diabetes -Must Known Facts


Type-2 Diabetes
Mexican Diabetes Federation Research found that maximum level of blood sugar is problematic for blood arteries and veins. A patient can have problems such as high blood pressure, knee joints pain and eye vision problem. In India, 1.3 Cr people are suffering from this problem and surprisingly they don’t know about it. 58% of deaths in diabetic patients are because of heart problems. To maintain the diabetes measurement, Canalization element is used because it significantly lower blood sugar (A1C) and it has shown promising results in controlling hypoglycemia, causing weight loss, reducing systolic and diastolic BP and cardiovascular risk.

Expert comment:
Heart patients suffer from common problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. and sometimes if these three are balanced then the patient suffers from the micro vascular problem. Regular 15-20 minutes of jogging and 30-minute yoga would be beneficial for all those who suffer from these problems.


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